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Tips On Naming Characters


I know when you are writing a story, deciding on names can be a bit challenging especially when you are writing in a particular time period. Below are a few tips to help you name your characters. 1) Vary the names in your story to help avoid reader confusion. For example, if you have a Jim, a Tim, and a Tom in the same scene, readers might get them mixed up. You can choose names of different lengths and which use different letters.

2) Choose appropriate names for the time period and culture you're writing about.

Keep in mind that names come in and out of fashion, so different names might suggest characters of different ages. For example, many Jennifers were born in the 1970's and 80's. Lindas are often a generation older than that. Anyone named Khaleesi is probably quite young!

3) You can play with symbolism and allusion in your choice of names. For instance, if your story features two children wandering alone in the woods, naming them Hanson and Greta might evoke the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, hinting at potential danger lurking ahead.

4) If you're writing fantasy or science fiction, you might be inventing new names. Depending on your story's world, you could use real-world names and adapt them slightly to create a sense of simultaneous familiarity and strangeness. Or, your world might have languages and names that are completely unlike our own. Then, just be sure that you're consistent in the linguistic rules you choose to follow.

5) Choose names that help you imagine the characters. You can always change the names later. Just be careful to replace the name everywhere.

Happy Writing!

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