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Monday Motivation - Write Your Own Story


Do you feel stuck in a rut with nowhere to go or like you are on a hamster wheel? Do you ever feel unmotivated or dejected? Sometimes this may be a result of you living a life that you didn't plan or map out for yourself. Whether it is because of certain situations or the expectations of others that guided you in that direction. You aren't living life on your own terms and are feeling pressured by others around you whether family, friends or society as a whole to travel a path you no longer have desire to be on. Let me ask you this, what is that one thing you would do if you didn't think you would be judged for doing it? You're playing it safe because of familial or other obligations. Last week we talked about dreams. Maybe it's one of those dreams. What if you choose from this day forward to make a change in your life and rewrite the story that others have written for you? What if you made a conscious decision to choose YOU? I know this can be a daunting task especially when you have been on a particular path for so long. But if not now, WHEN? We allow fear to keep us in that position. Fear of the unknown, fear of leaving our comfort zone, fear of leaving what is familiar. I want to encourage you to remove the woulda, coulda, shouldas from your life. Be BOLD and choose the life you want to live. Turn the page and start a new chapter, you might be pleasantly surprised with the new story line.

Have a productive week.

Renaee Smith CEO/Founder IABX

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