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Monday Motivation - Every Season Serves A Purpose

First Name,

We all have dreams of where we should be in life. You may have mapped out your life from a child until now. Maybe you thought you would be married, write your first novel, had a child or had a more successful business. But somewhere along the way, life happened and on the list of 10 things you wanted to achieve only 3 are checked off or circumstances beyond your control and things didn't work out the way you wanted. You're not happy and you've been beating yourself up. However, I want to ask you one question. When was the last time you reflected on where you were 3 months, 1 year or even 5 years ago and looked at what you have been able to achieve thus far in spite of all setbacks, struggles and naysayers and CONGRATULATED YOURSELF? Really looked in the mirror and said I AM PROUD OF YOU . Give yourself a round of applause. Tap yourself on the back. There are enough people out there to put you down so, YOU have to be your biggest cheerleader. It doesn't haven't anything to do with being egotistical or showy and everything to do with believing in yourself. You're not quite there, and you may still have a ways to go, but sometimes it's about the journey and not just the destination. As you go into this new week I encourage you to enjoy each and every victory, no matter how small. It is taking you one step closer to your dream and remember, every season serves a purpose.

Have a productive week.

Renaee Smith CEO/Founder IABX

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