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5 tips to avoid brain freeze

Sometimes you hit a wall when you're writing and your mind goes blank. This happens especially when you are talking about letting your imagination run wild. It's as if your mind just had an ice-cream and got a brain freeze. 1. Love the story: Yes, I know that you might just be starting. I bet that in your mind you have a topic you feel most passionate about, and that whenever you start letting your imagination run wild, it runs in that direction. So...stick with that story you love, it gets easier when you write about something you feel passionate about. 2. Make small sentences: Run Forest, Run!! This is an example of a small sentence that had great impact. It doesn’t have to be something major, write small sentences that you like. 3. Learn strong character development techniques: Character development is the process of creating a life like character in a fictional story. Learn what character information to reveal to increase tension in your story. Your main characters should have a backstory that informs their actions, motivations, and goals. This will ensure that the reader becomes invested in the character, his/her life or journey. 4. Take a break: When your brain gets tired and overwhelmed it gets blocked. Try techniques like “pomodoro” where you work and only focus on one thing for 40 min, and take a break for 20 min. Taking a break is a basic tip to preventing your mind from going blank. 5. And an extra tip: Use an active voice.

Renaee Smith

CEO/Founder IABX

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