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5 Summer Writing Prompts

Friend, Summertime, Funtime. Here are a few summer themed prompts to help get the juices flowing. ENJOY ☺️

1) The Summer Job

After your character takes a summer job in a pizzeria, multiple customers who received pizza deliveries die of arsenic poisoning. The investigation uncovers that pizzas made by your character contained arsenic. Your character is now suspected of murder. What complicates your character's situation even further is that one of the victims turns out to be your character's ex...

2) The Summer Romance

After a painful breakup, your character goes on vacation alone and meets an attractive stranger who has also recently come out of a relationship. There is powerful chemistry between your character and this person, but as things progress between them, wounds from both of their past relationships begin to cause problems. And then, unexpectedly, your character's ex shows up at your character's hotel wanting to get back together. Your character doesn't know whether to return with the ex or to pursue the new romance...

3) Summer Sports

While scuba diving, your character encounters the ghost of a drowned girl. The ghost has a message, and a mission, for your character...

4) Summer Road Trip

Your character's parent is moving to a retirement home on the other side of the country. Your character has suggested renting a camper and turning the move into a road trip. During their many hours driving together, your character and their parent begin to argue about the past. The parent also reveals family secrets that your character hadn't known...

5) Another Summer Trip

Your character's spouse claims he's going to a business trip in Chicago. But your character discovers an email confirming his reservation at a fancy Paris hotel. Your character decides to book a room for herself at the same hotel and find out what her spouse is up to...

Happy Writing!

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