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How to Evoke Emotion in Your Writing

No matter what genre you write in, your goal as a writer is to captivate your readers with your story and give them an experience of a lifetime. You can accomplish this by making your readers connect with your characters through their emotions.

But how do you tug at your readers’ heart strings? Below are some tips you might find helpful for evoking emotion in your writing.

How to Evoke Emotion in Your Writing

1. Show, don’t tell

We, as writers, have heard the advice, "show, don't tell" many times before. It is one of the most common writing tips given to writers but it is also one of the most effective ways to evoke emotional responses in your readers. Showing your readers what is happening in your characters' world makes them feel as if they are there, and allows them to share their experiences and feelings.

2. Keep it realistic

There is nothing that evokes authentic emotions like a true story. If you want your story to elicit the right emotions in your readers, keep it realistic and relatable. Your characters should be believable and sympathetic.

3. Raise the stakes

When the stakes are high, your readers will be more emotionally invested in the outcome of your story. Increase the tension and add conflict to keep your characters from achieving their goals.

4. Dig deeper

Peel back the layers of your character’s past. Memories are often tied to intense emotions. Using flashbacks, you will allow your readers to understand why the character feels the way he or she does.

5. Create a plot twist

Catch your readers off guard with clever twists and turns. A well-executed plot twist will create a lasting impression on your readers.

Have any additional tips for evoking emotion in writing? Share them in the comments section below!

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