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Holiday Writing Prompts to Spark Your Creativity

The holiday season is upon us, the time of the year when we start to think about all things merry and bright. However, now is not the time to let up on your writing. Get your creative juices flowing with these holiday writing prompts from Reedsy.

Holiday Writing Prompts to Spark Your Creativity

1. Write about a family’s first holiday after a parent has gotten remarried, and now there are new faces at the table and new traditions to be honored.

2. Just before Christmas, a long-lost relative you've never heard of enters your life.

3. A young girl wakes up on Christmas morning and realizes her house was broken into during the night. Somehow she manages to overcome the shock and disappointment.

4. It's the night before Christmas. You are a stirring mouse in an otherwise totally quiet house.

5. You are the Ghost of Christmas Past. You receive an unexpected visit from someone.

6. Write about Christmas Day from Rudolph's perspective.

7. You and another person/a few other people are trapped in an elevator on New Year's Eve.

8. Two strangers meet at a New Year's Eve party. They spend the party together, and then never see each other again.

9. Write a short story in which the last line is the countdown to midnight on New Year's Eve.

10. Write a short story about someone with unconventional New Year's traditions.

11. Write about someone scrambling to finish a goal in the last few hours of the year.

12. Write about someone who has finally managed to succeed at a long-standing New Year’s resolution.

13. Write about a family adapting a holiday tradition to take place over video chat.

14. Write a short story about someone who refuses to write New Year's resolutions.

15. Create a holiday of your own and write a story about it.

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