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4 Tips for Doing Research

In order to create a book that will inspire your reader you have to determine what you are going to say and who you're saying it to. Remember you are trying to convince your reader that the information in your book is going to solve their problem. Therefore any details included in the book should help you achieve that goal. You also want to make sure that you are using the correct terms or the location you are describing is accurate.

Different subject matter calls for different methods of research. I know researching can be daunting, but it can also be fun. Below are a few tips to get you started. You can use one or two methods or a combination of all four.

1. Write from Experience

Sounds simple right, well it is. The desire to write this book probably came from a life experience or a shared experience with someone else. You know the location, the food, the smells, the atmosphere. This goes a long way in bringing authenticity to your book and pulls the reader in.

2. Visit the library

There is a wealth of information in the library. Surprise, surprise. Not only will you find books you can reference you also find other books written on the topic you are writing about. The act of being in the library can also actually help you to get your research done quickly.

3. Use the Internet/Google it

This is probably the quickest way to get information as we literally carry our phones everywhere. There should be no excuse for inaccurate data in your book. They even have videos online that you can watch to give you a visual perspective. A note of caution make sure to check the sources to ensure they are reliable.

4. Interview People

If your book talks about a certain town, group of people or profession you may consider interacting with those people directly connected to that topic. You can ask questions in person, by phone or email.

We hope these tips give you some researching ideas, that will help you to write your bestseller. If you have other ideas please leave a comment on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you.

At IABX, our mission is to promote and empower independent authors. We strive to provide useful and valuable information to do just that.

Feel free to send us an email at if you have any comments or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

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