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3 Steps to Effective Goal Setting

Whenever the new year comes some of us create resolutions or goals. You do this to achieve things that are most important to you. In order to do that you have to live intentionally, but if you are not committed to a quantifiable goal that has a plan of action, it is an exercise in futility. Here are a few tips to help you stay on course with the goals you have set for 2022. 1. Write them down

You have to be intentional about your desire to achieve your goals. Write down 3 -4 goals that you would like to achieve. Although this blog is about writing, this can be extended to your daily and business life. For example:

  • Research the information needed to start my book.

  • Complete the last 4 chapters of my manuscript.

  • Save $1,000.

2. Make a plan

How are you going to accomplish these goals? You have to hold yourself accountable. It's not just okay to write them down, now you need to strategize on how to achieve said goals. Set goal deadlines, whether daily, weekly or monthly to keep you on track to meet your deadlines. You have to be specific so you can be consistent and maintain your schedule. Setting a day and time each week will ensure that you stay on track. Challenges may arise, but having this plan will help you to get back on track quicker. They say you have to do something 21 times before it becomes a habit.

  • I will research once per week on a Tuesday from 7-9 pm to get the information I need for my book.

  • Every day I will write for 1 hour in the morning/afternoon/evening.

  • Each 2 weeks I will save $50.

3. Create a timeline

When do you want to accomplish these goals? Goals should have a beginning and end date. Setting an end date will help keep you motivated in achieving your goals. Create a realistic timeline when you think you will be able to achieve these goals.

  • By the end of March I will complete all my research for my book.

  • By April 2022 I will complete the last 4 chapters of my book.

  • By June 2022 I will save $600.

If you need help staying on track get an accountability partner who will hold you accountable to the goals you have set. Who do you have in your life that you could trust to hold you accountable to your goals? This should be someone that will check in with you at least once per week to see how your goal is coming, and if you did not follow through on your commitment ask you why. This is YOUR year. You have made a commitment to yourself to write that book, start that business, buy that house or car. It is time to PLAN your work and WORK your plan.


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