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Tips to creating a Children's Book Character

Two weeks ago we shared tips to writing a Children's book. This week we will be sharing questions to ask about your character so that you have a full bodied, realistic representation of what you had in mind. The questions below will help to create a character profile for your main character or supporting characters if you intend to make your book into a series. You may not use all the characteristics/responses in one story however, it will give you a better understanding of who your character is and how other children can identify with him/her.

Name: Age: A favorite possession: Favorite food: Strengths: Weaknesses: Who's in your character's family? Does your character have pets? How does your character get along with his/her family? What does your character like doing? What does your character dislike doing? What games does your character play? Who is a friend of your character's? Who's someone your character DOESN'T like: What does your character daydream about? What's a bad habit your character has? What is your character afraid of? What are your character's ambitions? What ideas does your character have about the world?

Create a book that children don't want to put down. Happy Writing!

From IABX ***Source Creative Writing Now

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