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Winifred Smith Eure

Author of Just As A House On A Firm Foundation

Winifred, a self-published author, has authored 13 books, primarily poetry with one exception. Among her works, "Testimony: the T’s Have It" stands out as it narrates her personal journey. She recently published her book, "Just As A House On A Firm Foundation", which can be considered the second part of her personal narrative as she takes on a familiar theme and infuses it with her unique perspective.​

Apart from her writing endeavors, Winifred also takes on the role of editor for the Heard Herald Quarterly, the newsletter of her church. She finds great joy in this task, which serves as a public relations outreach for the church Historical Commission, a ministry she actively participates in.

While she has achieved significant milestones in her education, Winifred regards her faith and divine calling as her top priorities. She takes particular pride in the Christian poetry she has shared in several of her books, always attributing the glory to God.

Published Works

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