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VM Roberts
VM Roberts

VM Roberts’ hobby is writing. It’s a passion she has had since she was ten years old. Her hobby has led to the publication of both fiction and non-fiction titles over the past eleven years. 

A Suffolk, Virginia native, Ms. Roberts resided in Trenton, New Jersey, for ten years. She eventually settled in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and called it home for 30 years. 

When she’s not writing, you can find her relaxing at home watching movies or her favorite crime drama television shows. She enjoys spending time with her family, shopping at farmers’ markets, malls and listening to R&B oldies. 

Her novels cover contemporary family dramas, romantic crime drama, and political thrillers. Some of her writing goals include penning a family comedy and a series of children’s books.

Nena St George

Nena St. George

Nena pulls the covers up on her mother, turns off the light, and exits the large bedroom that has become her mother’s home inside her home. She wishes there was more she could do for her. Not being able to walk has to be quite frustrating.

Estella brought up the subject again tonight during dinner. Nena skirts the issue as always. However, for the first time, she reads the sadness in her mother’s eyes and concern on her face. How lonely is she?  

Nena is a career woman. As a Senior Account Executive in sales at one of the most reputable pharmaceutical companies in the US, her finances and job are secure. Frankly, having children is the furthest thing from her mind. She’s dated on occasion. None of the guys were father material, in her opinion. 

True love. Is there such a thing? Nena is somewhat cynical when it comes to the love department. In the middle of dealing with family conflict, job stress, armed robbery, and murder, Nena meet Myles. Is he the one who can change her negative opinion about love? 

Although he’s fighting demons of his own, he believes Nena is the woman for him. Is this relationship meant to be?

Senator Stokes

Four years ago, Cheyenne Stokes’ career hung in the balance. He feared for his life at every turn but managed to win the Suffolk, Virginia, mayoral race. In a year, his term is coming to an end. He’s already staked his claim for the Virginia United States Senate seat during the off-year election. His three primary supporters are expecting something in return, whether he’s victorious or not. Will Vallow stand by her husband and endure another grueling and frightening campaign? Why are the women in Cheyenne’s circle making his life a living hell? Is his reserve strong enough to fight these demons while trying to earn the public’s trust and maintain his dignity?

Senator Stokes
North Jericho Shadow

North Jericho Shadow

Cheyenne Stokes was born and raised in the North Jericho section of Suffolk, Virginia. He makes a bold career move by resigning as president of Moton University in Norfolk, Virginia, to run for Mayor of Suffolk. He’s disgusted with the crime, political corruption, low unemployment, and city blight that plagues the city. He wants Suffolk to become a respectable city again, like when he was a child. There’s only one problem. Someone doesn’t want him in the race. Who’s trying to ensure he doesn’t make it through the election? Suspects: his campaign manager, mayoral opponent, mother of his illegitimate daughter, or the City of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce President.

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