Title - Rise of the Red Harbinger 

Author - Khalid Uddin


In the book Rise of the Red Harbinger – The Drowned Realm Series by Khalid Uddin he takes you on a journey through the realm of Ashur a world created with exceptional detail. There were many twists and turns with a few surprises as the three main characters Baltaszar, Marshall and Garrison travel to the House of Darian to fulfill their destinies as Descendants. Each with a unique characteristic and trait, which they learn how to master along the way on their individual journeys. 

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Title - My Gift to You

Author - Winifred Smith Eure


For an inspirational yet “real” outlook on today’s world, look no further than "My Gift to You". Winifred Smith Eure has perfectly encapsulated her faith in God, her resilience in a difficult world, and her deep-seated love she projects to friends and family in her short collection of poetry. Each song-like poem offers a new illumination of wisdom to help the reader along their life journey, whether it is moving on after a loved one’s death, how to achieve in the working world, or even just finding peace with oneself. 

Title - When Someone You Love ....

Author - Jenny Powers

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Let me first say that I cannot begin to do this work of art the justice it deserves, in this review. When Someone You Love... by Jennifer Murphey Powers - justice is a Picasso - a creative work of art. However, I will begin with descriptions like ingenious, thoughtful, comforting, strengthening & restorative. It is a literary work of excellence. The reader is gently guided through the various stages of grief and recovery through a child’s perspective.