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We can’t wait to feature you on our website. Please send in your request, select your month and we will definitely accommodate you.

Book Spotlight $25

If you have a book to launch or promote but are not sure how to go about getting it done, let us help you!

For thirty days, your book cover will be featured on the IABX homepage in order to provide maximum exposure. Interested readers will be able to click on your book cover and be linked to a website of your choice where the title can be purchased.

Author Spotlight $25

Readers want to know about YOU! What inspires you to write? What makes you tick?

Get noticed on our IABX homepage for thirty days! Readers will be able to click on your profile picture and be linked to a website of your choice where they can learn more about your background and find information about your upcoming events or new releases.

Book Review $125, 4-6 weeks

We offer complete and objective book reviews for the Independent Author. Up to 250 words, our reviews include a summary of the book in addition to an unbiased opinion that can be positive, negative, or neutral.

Book Review

What You Need To Do?
Step 1 - Order

Click the "Order Review" button below and and pay for your review

(4-6 weeks, $125).

When you submit your order, you’ll get an email from the IABX team confirming receipt of your request.

Step 2 - Submit

You’ll have the option of mailing a copy of your book to us or emailing a PDF of your manuscript. 


We’ll provide detailed instructions after the order has been placed.

Step 3 - Stand By

Upon receipt of your book or manuscript, our editor will assign your project to a qualified reviewer who will read the complete book and write a full review (approximately 100 - 250 words).


Our reviewers include professional critics. 

Step 4 - Download

IABX will email you your review for you to download.

Upon receipt, you may choose to publish your review on iabx.org where it can be discovered by industry influencers, agents, publishers and consumers. If it is a negative review, you can request that it not be posted in your reply.

Step 5 - Publish

After you have approved the publication of the review via email, we will publish your review to our website within 24 hours & alert you when it has been published.