Kiran Marahatta is the most famous TV anchor, reporter, Documentary maker and Author in from Nepal.Mr.Marahatta, a trend setter journalist, currently working with ABC Television Nepal and a contrubuter at Huffpost, he is also a freelance writer for several media outlets. Having experiences of 15 Years in broadcasting journalism Marahatta has been deeply involded in Print and Digital Journalism as well. He started his career as a Radio reporter and presenter in 2002 At Butwal FM, one of the most successful radio stations of Nepal. Marahatta served as an anchor/ reporter at Nepal Televison, the only nation own television station, He worked with Gorkha FM, a radio station established by former British Gorkha Soldier. Marahatta joined ABC television, the most successful news channel in Nepal in 2009. Marahatta already served as anchor/reporter, informative program coordinator and senior journalist/ Deputy General Manager for the station. He is highly popular Interviewer who made highest numbers of TV interview. Mr. Marahatta is the first Asian journalist to have interview with Lionel Messi, the biggest football star in the planet. 

He is a famous Documentary dicector who made a documentary of FC Barcelona. He is the first Asain journalist to have such great success. Marahtta published a book The Hope, a book for journalism, in June 2017 which is termendiusly success. Media in Mass is his upcoming Book.

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