Ed Monagle is a publishing executive who helped to build the Scholastic book business over a 20 year career at Scholastic. He was the Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations and he was involved in helping to publish and build the Harry Potter franchise and many of the other
bestselling Scholastic series like GooseBumps and The Babysitters Club. He was also one of the producers of the Broadway show A Tale of Two Cities which opened to great reviews in 2008.

Peggy is his wife of many years and he has three kids named Maureen, Michael, and John. All of his kids went to Princeton and two have earned Harvard MBA's. John, his youngest son is in the current class of Harvard MBA's.

Ed is now a school fundraiser who will leverage his Scholastic fundraising experience to launch a new school fundraising coupon book called Rhino Rocks  that will raise funds for schools and good causes. It will be launched by the end of 2017.

Ed is now a passionate reading advocate who is focused on the mission to help parents understand how they can help their kids by using the Lexile Framework for reading. Lexiles are the secret sauce to helping our kids become better readers.  Live  by the philosophy that you have to have a positive outlook on everything. Do not let the Can't/Won't people impact your passion for what  you believe in.  We will improve reading levels and those struggling readers will struggle less.