Who Turned The Lights Out? sheds light on the issue of the homeless and the near homeless.

"Memba When", is a cookbook that pays homage to old time Jamaica. The recipes in this cookbook will bring you back to your School Days, remind you about Roadside Foods and so much more. It's the only cookbook you wll read from cover to cover.


"The Great Compost Heap by Renaee Smith is a very good way to introduce conservation and ecology to children. Freddie learned about composting kitchen and garden waste in his science class. His parents build a box to compost but the compost gets too large. The mayor steps in and offers property for The Great Compost Heap so neighbors can place their compost and take from it. They used the compost to make their flowers and vegetables bigger and better. Questions and a puzzle add to the great experience. The images are colorful and detailed. A great story for all ages and especially good for nature centers and schools." - Cindy F, Maryland

Memba When is an international treasure. If you've never read a cookbook from cover to cover, this will be your first time. God has given Renaee Perrier-Smith a unique vision for her cookbooks that capture and illustrate Jamaican culture and lifestyle. Purchase your copy from her today and you'll see exactly what I mean" - Shauna JC, New Jersey

I bought this book (Freddie's First Race) for my daughter but read it myself first. We both looooove it. Well written Renaee. Very reminiscent of our days in Jamaica on our various track teams. This book is great as a gift to any child...not just one who is inclined to sports...as it shows how hard work, a great support system and never giving up can reap success and great rewards. I loved the great compost heap as well. Great job. Annmarie S, Jamaica

I purchased 2 books (Jamaica's Forgotten Treats) - one for me and one for a friend. We LOVE this book and sometimes have a bake-off. LOL The instructions are clear and precise (you really can't mess up). This really brings back some fun memories and will definitely purchase from this author again. Amazon Purchaser, New York

We bought two books (Jamaica's Forgotten Treats) at a recent book fair in Elizabeth for our two 11 year old nieces for Christmas gifts. They loved them and have already treated their families to Renaee's delicious treats. The recipes are perfect for working with starting cooks and bakers. I'm looking forward to learn about her next cook book. Philip M, New Jersey

Got your book this weekend. Can't wait to try the recipes. Brought back my own memories of my Mom baking for us. She still sends us drops whenever she can. Rooting for you!  - Lesia H, Canada

The Great Compost Heap
Freddie's First Race


Who Turned The Lights Out?

In The Great Compost Heap we meet Freddie the lovable nine year old who is introduced to the idea of composting and how composting helps to further the idea of the 3 R’s, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.

While these simple and fun recipes have been kept authentic and true to Jamaica, Renaee has offered tips on how to bake them outside of Jamaica using ingredients that are readily found elsewhere. From treats to buns to cakes to puddings and tarts, Jamaica’s Forgotten Treats is a helpful book that will not only be appreciated by Jamaicans but by anyone who loves to cook or who simply enjoys the simple yet sweetest things in life.


Freddie's First Race is about Freddie trying out for the local track team for the first time and running his first race. He learns that with hard work and determination you can realize your dreams.