BEFORE MARCH 31                        AFTER MARCH 31

Returning Author Registration                                $100                                                 $125
Author Registration                                                    $100                                                 $150
Shared Author Table                                                  $170                                                  $200

Vendor Registration                                                   $135                                                   $165

Small Business                                                            $200                                                 $250

Promotional Video                                                     $100

****NOTE ONLY 2 AUTHORS at the Shared Author Table

  • 6Ft Table and 2 chairs

  • Feature on IABX Website, Facebook and Twitter

  • Feature in IABX Ad Journal

  • Opportunity to speak on a panel at event or read in the Children's Corner

  • All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE

  • No shows forfeits payment

  • IABX is not responsible for displays, display items or sales

2017 Independent Authors Book Expo Registration


 IABX 2017 Authors


Alyssa Gangeri
Anthony Tucker
Carla Marrero
Cheryl Filipak
Essynce Moore
LaDonna Smith
Florenza Lee
Nikolay Moltchanov
​Noni Brooks
​Pradeep Sanjeev
Rachel Wyatt
Renaee Smith
Rashonda Aiken
Shalah Collins
Vanessa Santiago-Jerman
Vera Harris
Yusuf Ali El


​Bernice Ereheart
Christopher McClean
​Frank DeStefano
​Jamie Culican
Lisa Marie Latino
​Marcia Boynton
Mary Haddock
Melica Niccole
Tamar Anolic
Tesa Erven


​Annmarie Allen
Bettye Hooks
​​Kiran Marahatta
​Leslie M. Jasper
​Raining Deer
Robert Douglas
Se'Quince Aiken
Sherabim Curvin
Theresa Wilson 
T.C. Spellen


Elijah Brown
Giftus John
Robert Peyser
Samantha Tamburello